Speaking at Build Business 2018 – Understanding Client Empathy

Understanding your clients is good business. Deconstructing the client experience and finding systematic ways to address client needs helps you do business better. Encouraging your firm’s stakeholders to think about client needs effectively, identify pain points and opportunities for solutions will help set you apart from the competition and ultimately lead to more business.

So… where do you start? How do you create buy-in? Where can you find time to generate client personas and empathy maps? In our session at SMPS Build Business in San Diego, CA, Chandra Storrusten (Visible Value) and Amanda Roehl (Pixels and Ink Studio) will walk attendees through how to create a 5-minute persona, as well as, generate a Client Empathy Map in less than 60-minutes. (It can be done!)

Through Client Empathy Mapping, you can step inside your clients’ world and experience what they are thinking, doing and feeling at any given point in your relationship. The process allows you to see your client relationships through their eyes and from their perspective. Attendees will be given a sample A/E/C persona, divided into groups and guided through the process of finding opportunities to enhance the client experience.

In less than an hour, you can walk away with tangible solutions to address your clients’ needs, both existing and potential, along with a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate creating maps for your firm’s clients back at the office.

Want to learn more? Visit our Client Empathy Mapping landing page, here.


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